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pronouns: they/them

cora dessalines is a london-based freelance writer who offers copywriting, and other editorial services. they graduated from goldsmiths, university of london with a BA in english with creative writing. they have previously worked as an assistant editor for goldsmiths' ~FACTORY~ magazine, an editorial/publisher assistant at Guts publishing, as well as a contributor for a children's encyclopaedia for DK, penguin random house. cora has also had their work published in lacuna, bad form magazine, and iamb poetry. a lover of fashion, anything colourful, and space, they are currently working on their first science-fiction novel for adults. you can find them on twitter and instagram: @CoraDessalines and @cocco_x respectively.


about me: About Me


DK, penguin random house

ya boi is a ~ contributor ~ now so talk to me nice. 😤

this was months in the making & part of a history encyclopaedia for children.

i worked on the african history, lgbtq+, information/technology, apartheid, & civil rights spreadsheets.

please click the link below to purchase a copy.

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